Fiasco on Faithfull: Goulburn’s street with two names!

On Sunday 29th August, a Goulburn local shared in the Goulburn Community Notice Board Facebook group that she and her hubby had discovered quite the error in town. A street with two names! Well we’ve decided to investigate and uncovered something else!

This post in Goulburn Community Noticeboard caught our attention!

“Something my partner and I have noticed out and about on our walks is that there are two different types of spelling on the street signs for Faithful/Faithfull street”

via Goulburn Community Noticeboard (Facebook)

So is this true or is this the start of an urban myth that only locals know? What drop bears are to all Australians as the street sign typo is to Goulburn? Of course we had to investigate and thankfully we can ensure we are only travelling for essential needs as per lockdown restrictions by utilising a little friend called Google.

As you can see, ‘Faithfull’ street as it is spelt on Google Maps, is quite long but we are determined to get to the bottom of this rumour. Starting at the northern end intersection with Bradley Street, we can observe a street sign with the spelling that matches Google Maps’ own data in their Street View function.

Bang on in Bradley St

As we slowly click your way southbound through Street View, we can observe that at our next intersection with Goldsmith Street we still have the ‘double L’ spelling. So far no luck in proving the rumour. We keep clicking.

No Goods on Goldsmith

As we head towards the hospital corner and Chisholm Ross Centre we encounter a significant intersection with the roundabout on Goldsmith Street. While you navigate this road feature that would seem more at home down in Canberra, you could easily miss the street sign above. Double L, much like the plates on the learner driver in front. Just like the boy band FIVE and their and High School hit, we ‘Keep on Movin’.

Next up is Clifford.

Woops, wrong Clifford. We meant Clifford Street:

BOOM! Clifford Street is suspect #1

Well it took some clicking but bingo, the Faithfull becomes the… well Faithful but with one L.

Does this mean there are two streets that connect but are actually different? Is No.3 Faithfull street a separate house to No.3 Faithfull Street?

With nowhere to pull over on street view, we must move to Montague.

I’m going Mad on Montague

Ok so scratch the idea about there being two different streets of near identical name, perhaps there really was a misprint or typo in the Clifford Street sign. Montague has the street revert back to the Double L.

Surely there isn’t Double Trouble on Faithful/ll street? Is it just the one mistake?

Victory on Verner

Ok, Verner St is victorious with the double L spelling.

Hopefully we didn’t jinx it for John…

Juggernaut on Jon/John

WAIT. That’s not the name of the intersecting Street.

Not only do we encounter our 2nd misspelling of Faithfull Street, but we are missing the ‘H’ in John Street.

John/Jon has some explaining to do.

Ok how far does this stretch?

Well it’s double L for Addison St, Mundy St and the final intersection at Combermere St. Along the journey we passed O’Brien St which didn’t feature a sign for Faithfull… Could a 4th typo have been discovered at the last second? We may never know.

How long have we had these unique features on Faithfull?

At least since 2007. Google’s Street View cameras have passed down Faithfull St twice, once in 2009 (where our screenshots are from) and previously in 2007.

What are the correct spellings?

Google Maps lists the double L for Faithfull St and one commenter on the Facebook Group post says the street was named after the Faithfull (Double L) family. You can learn about them here.

As for John St, well according to a poster map in our News Room, there in fact should be a ‘H’ in the sign for John St.

The first image capture would be in High School by now!

Should We Tell Someone?

MJ notified Goulburn Mulwaree Mayor Bob Kirk when the pair caught up during Breakfast with MJ. Bob had a theory as to what might have happened:

Intersection Street Signage From North to South:

Bradley St – 2 x L’s

Goldsmith St – 2 x L’s

Clifford St – 1 x L

Montague St – 2 x L’s

Verner St – 2 x L’s

John St – 1 x L and No H

O’Brien – No Sign

Addison – 2 x L’s

Mundy – 2 x L’s

Combermere St – 2 x L’s

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