The ultimate Aussie battle: snake vs crocodile!


It’s so Australian it could be a postcard…if it weren’t so gross.

Locals visiting Lake Moondarra, 19km north east of Mount Isa, witnessed an epic five hour battle between a snake and a crocodile, which ended in the snake devouring it’s enemy.

Tiffany Corlis captured images of the battle, and told ABC News:

(The crocodile) was fighting at the start, it was trying to keep its head out of water and survive. But as the morning progressed you could tell both of them were getting a little weaker as the struggle was going on, finally the croc sort of gave in.

When you actually looked at the snake, you could actually see the crocodile’s ridges, legs and everything inside its belly.

Snake expert, Associate Professor Bryan Fry, from the University of Queensland, has told Fairfax the situation is not unheard of. He says water pythons typically targeted rodents and smaller animals, but small freshwater crocodiles were relatively easy prey. The snake would probably not need to eat again for another month but would probably “tuck itself away” because it would not have a means of defending itself.

Marvin Muller/ABC North West Queensland

Tiffany Corlis/ABC North West Queensland

Tiffany Corlis/ABC North West Queensland

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